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Put your customer’s mind at ease with our Automotive Cleaning Supplies!

Our Automotive Sanitizing Products Protects, Cleans,
& Deodorizes Vehicles

Sanitizing System, Wipe Out Eliminator System, Scented Air Freshener Pads, Odor Bombs, and more!

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Automotive Sanitizing Products - SAFESHIELD

Keeping people and vehicles clean & safe with our Automotive Cleaning Supplies…

The Safe Shield™ Automotive Sanitizing brand includes exceptional products that clean, sanitize, disinfect, or remove odors. With the entire US population now more mindful of germs and viruses, the Safe Shield™ lineup is in high demand with no end in sight.

Leading the field is the Safe Shield™ Automotive Sanitizing System which delivers the power of 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide, a proven disinfectant against viruses such as coronavirus and a host of other contagious health risks. Best of all, this environmentally safe and easy-to-use product can be applied on all interior vehicle surfaces and throughout show and waiting rooms, and any high-traffic area. Use foggers, spray guns, or spray bottles – or directly wipe it on – for quick, safe, non-bleaching application.

A clean and pleasant environment goes beyond the removal of invisible bacteria and germs. How a showroom, waiting room, or vehicle smells is important now, too! The Safe Shield™ Automotive Disinfectant line-up helps automotive dealers ensure a pleasant environment everywhere with Automotive Odor Bombs and Scented Automotive Air Freshener Pads in a wide variety of fragrances!

Depend on us, too, for cleaning and maintenance supplies, including Buffing Pads, Towels, Sponges, Scrubbers, Brushes, Spray Bottles, and more — even snow rakes and ice scrappers! We have a huge supply of Automotive Disinfecting Products to help dealers and shops keep vehicles and customers safe!

Automotive Sanitizing Systems

SAFESHIELD - Automotive Sanitizing Systems

Shield your customers from viruses, germs, and bacteria when you use the Safe Shield™ Automotive Sanitizing System!

• 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide
• Environmentally safe
• Sanitizes, Disinfects, Deodorizes
• Many options for application: foggers, sprayers, wipe-on, and more!

Wipe Out – Automotive Disinfecting Systems

SAFESHIELD - Automotive Disinfecting Systems

Vaporize, decontaminate, Vaporize, decontaminate, disinfect, and deodorize with our Wipe Out Odor Eliminator System!

• Easy-to-use, portable device that releases the most powerful and safest technology
• Includes packet, cup, air freshener

Automotive Odor Bombs

SAFESHIELD - Automotive Odor Bombs

Stops unwanted odors and deodorizes vehicle interiors.

• Five fragrances available (New Car Scent, Fresh N’ Clean, Wild Cherry, Mango Tango, & New Leather)
• 5 ounce can

Automotive Scented Air Freshener Pads

SAFESHIELD - Scented Air Freshener Pads

Heavily scented for long-lasting use.
Will remove stale or musty odors.

Automotive Scented Air Fresheners

SAFESHIELD - Automotive Scented Air Fresheners

• 14 fragrances available
• Packaged 60 per bag

Automotive Cleaning Supplies

SAFESHIELD - Automotive Cleaning Supplies

Assure your customer their car has been cleaned & sanitized using Safe Shield™ Automotive Cleaning Supplies, which is EPA-Certified to kill bacteria and viruses.

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